Three young people talk in a meeting room.
Young Advisers meet to discuss heritage topics. © Anu Gamanagari
Young Advisers meet to discuss heritage topics. © Anu Gamanagari

Young Advisers

Our Young Advisers are a group of 11 young people from across the country. They’re at the heart of our efforts to engage more young people with England’s heritage.  

We are now recruiting Young Advisers for 2024-2025. Find out more below

It can be hard to find an initiative that is for young people, with young people at the forefront. Allowing young people to take decisions and creative control has been incredible. It's been a wonderful lifeline of hope to see.
Sadia, Young Adviser Historic England

They work across our organisation, sharing their lived experiences, creating digital content and advising on a variety of projects and issues. Their main focus is our youth-centred History in the Making programme where they help decide which projects should be funded and play an essential role in shaping its future. We value their time and expertise, so all of our Young Advisers are paid.

The programme is also an opportunity to gain new skills and experience. Seeing the inner workings of Historic England, and meeting a range of heritage professionals, helps our Young Advisers develop professional knowledge and gain an understanding of the opportunities that are out there.

Meet our Young Advisers

Eden N, 20, she/her

Drawing from my lived experience as a young, queer, working class woman of colour, I spearhead the pursuit of diversity and inclusion in spaces around me. I joined HEYA because I strive for community-driven change, and this begins with including the voices of the dismissed and undervalued.

Nafisa, 21, she/her

In the face of a single story, we are impressionable and vulnerable to developing a single understanding and perception. I work with Young Advisers because I am passionate about disrupting the unintended consequences that single stories can create.

Harvey, 25, he/they

I got involved with being a Young Adviser because I believe that having a diverse range of voices and experiences in heritage spaces is vital. We all have unique perspectives and it feels wonderful to be involved in sharing them

Sadia, 25, she/her

I love History but have often found that people who look like me do not have their histories represented and are inaccurately spoken about in the media. I'm a young Adviser so that England truly represents those in England.

Rama, 18, she/her

My name is Rama Terkmani, and I'm originally from Damascus. I'm a British-Syrian.  Next year, I'll begin practising medicine in order to become a doctor. Additionally, I've been interested in museums, various cultures, and legacy. Being a young advisor is amazing because a unique viewpoint can contribute to more inclusive narratives and strategies, bringing the past and present for a richer understanding of history.

Emma, 24, she/her

I’m Emma! I’ve worked for a few museums over the last couple of years. I joined the Young Advisers to meet some more people my own age with the same interests, and to promote youth engagement with heritage.

Polly, 18, she/her

I’ve just started studying History at the University of Manchester! I joined Young Advisors for the personal opportunity to gain historical industry experience, as well as to promote diversity, inclusion and power of young voices, which are hugely important.

Ester, 21, she/her

I joined young advisors to meet like-minded young people, ensure youth voices are heard and truly represent queer, working class people like myself when exploring and preserving their histories. I’m currently a youth worker, striving to shape change for young people, specifically around mental health.

Eden S, 23, she/they

In this age of division and xenophobia, I believe that widening access to heritage is more important than ever. As young advisors, we aim to present a more inclusive narrative, expanding the traditional presentation of heritage to include more diverse stories.

Ellie, 22, they/them

Hello! I’m Ellie and I‘m a Young Advisor for Historic England. My reason for joining this amazing role is to help young people enjoy and take charge of their own local history. I am currently completing my Masters degree in Public History at the University of York with hopes of becoming a Public Prehistorian!

Monica, 23, she/her

I joined the Young Advisers because of my keen interest in creativity, diversity and heritage. I am also a singer-songwriter and the founder of MOON FEST and Made on the Moon, initiatives that foster creativity with people of East and Southeast Asian heritages. 

Young Advisers has been an incredibly rewarding experience. This opportunity has expanded my knowledge of just what is out there and waiting.
Ellie, Young Adviser Historic England

Apply to be a paid Young Adviser

We’re currently recruiting for new Young Advisers. If you’re aged 18-25 and passionate about making heritage accessible to all, please complete an application.

Joining the Young Advisers will boost your CV and develop your skills in areas as varied as content creation, negotiation and interview techniques. You’ll connect with people across the country, explore England’s cultural scenes and have a genuine influence on decision-making. We value our Young Advisers’ expertise and pay £15 per hour. You’ll be working on History in the Making, a project which engages young people with underrepresented histories in their local area. Other responsibilities will include:

  • helping decide where our funding goes
  • creating digital content
  • talking at conferences
  • advising us on how our programmes should develop

Our new panel will begin in May 2024. You’ll need to commit for 12 months. We have regular 90-minute meetings online every 6 weeks, and you’ll be needed for 1-2 full days online in Summer 2024 to help shortlist funding applications. We’ll also have two in-person events (all expenses covered). You’ll work around 30-40 hours a year in total, so it can be done alongside work or studies. We welcome people from all backgrounds and lived experiences.

If you have any questions, please contact Finn at the email below.

Deadline for applications: 9am on Monday 25 March

Finn White

Participation Manager