Planning Advice

Our advice on heritage and the planning system is there to help both professionals and owners of older buildings to understand how heritage fits into the wider planning agenda.

  • The Planning System

    This page sets out how the planning system works to protect historic places.

  • Planning Research

    To understand how the planning system works in practice, Historic England undertakes and commissions research.

  • Heritage Consents

    The requirements for each of the principal types of statutory consent are summarised on the relevant pages within this section of the website.

  • Place-Making and Regeneration

    Advice and research on how to shape our public spaces and buildings to improve a community’s cultural, economic, social and environmental situation.

  • Design in the Historic Environment

    Principles and case studies for good practice in design when making changes to the built historic environment.

  • Conservation Areas

    This page sets out what conservation areas are and how they are designated and managed.

  • Housing

    This page provides information on housing development in the historic built environment.

  • Heritage and Sustainable Growth

    This page provides information on the evidence base and Historic England’s advice about heritage and growth.

  • Infrastructure

    This page explains Historic England’s approach to major road and energy schemes, and their impact on historic buildings and places.

  • Local Management

    This page sets out Historic England’s advice to support local authorities and communities in protecting the special historic places in their area.

  • Local Plans

    See our advice on drawing up Local Plans that make provision for historic buildings and sites in their area.

  • Neighbourhood Planning and the Historic Environment

    The historic environment is integral to any plans to improve a neighbourhood. Use the neighbourhood planning process to influence future development.

  • Minerals Extraction

    Exploring the relationship between quarrying, mining and other forms of minerals extraction and the historic environment

  • Rural Planning

    This page sets out how planning in the countryside differs from that in urban areas, and points to sources of further information.

  • Decision-Taking

    Our advice supports Local Planning Authorities to prepare and make planning decisions on applications affecting historic buildings.

  • Understanding Historic Places

    Find out about the different approaches available for identifying and interpreting the historic dimensions of present day landscapes or townscapes.

  • Coastal & Marine Planning

    The seas and shore around England contain an immense wealth of archaeological sites and remains.

  • Historic Centres and Streets

    Our advice on retail trends and what they might mean for historic town centres and high streets.

  • The Reconstruction of Heritage Assets

    For decisions on whether or not to reconstruct a heritage asset, our advice covers the issues to consider and how best to approach reconstruction.

  • World Heritage

    Advice on the World Heritage Convention, engagements with UNESCO, and advice to owners and decision-makers about proposed changes.

  • Contested Heritage Advice

    From this page you can find links to advice and case studies on contested heritage.

  • Heritage Planning Case Database

    Search for appeal and call-in decisions relating to planning permission (that affects a heritage asset) and listed building consent.

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