Do you own or manage a historic place? If so, we run a number of grant schemes to help with the cost of caring for all sorts of buildings, monuments and landscapes. We also fund projects that help people to understand and champion their heritage.

  • Our Grant Schemes

    Our grants are an essential part of our work to protect the nation's heritage.

  • Our Grant Priorities

    Read about our grant priorities. Grant applications are assessed against our priorities as well as individual scheme criteria.

  • Procurement Using Public Funding

    Find out about the regulations that apply to the process of finding and buying works, equipment, goods and services.

  • Acknowledging Your Grant

    Find out how you should acknowledge your grant from Historic England.

  • Visit Grant-Aided Places

    You can visit any of the hundreds of historic properties we have grant-aided in England.

  • Subsidy Control

    Information about when grants are considered to be subsidies and the Historic England ‘Subsidy Scheme’.

  • Fundraising Tips

    Advice on fundraising for your project.

  • Other Grants

    Find out about other possible sources of funding.

  • Culture Recovery Fund

    The Culture Recovery Fund is part of the Government’s £1.57 billion support package to protect England's cultural, arts and heritage organisations.