We carry out and fund high-quality applied research to support the protection and management of the historic environment. Here you can find out about our current programme of research at Historic England and the principles and methods that underpin it. 

Our programme is wide-ranging and both national and local in scope, with projects that highlight new discoveries and provide greater understanding and enjoyment of our historic places. The results of our research are also described here.

Research at Historic England

  • Research Results

    Find out how to access the results of our research, including from past projects.

  • Current Research Programme

    Find out about Historic England's current comprehensive research programme.

  • Research Methods

    Historic England uses a wide range of techniques to investigate and interpret remains of the past and carry out research into England's heritage

  • Support & Collaboration

    Find out about the support and funding that we provide to those carrying out research into the historic environment.

  • Research Strategy & Agenda

    The Research Strategy and Agenda for Historic England sets out what research we do or fund and is a tool for collaboration with academic researchers

  • Research Governance

    Historic England's approach to research governance including research integrity and conduct.

Latest Research

Current Issue 25:  Managing Change at Landscape Level

This issue focuses on projects that help to manage change to the historic environment at the broad landscape level.

Inclusive Heritage

Explore how important aspects of our past, such as the transatlantic slave trade and its abolition, attitudes towards disability, and the changing role of women, are reflected in the buildings of our towns and cities.

  • The Slave Trade and Abolition

    Historic England has researched the connections between the transatlantic slave trade and the properties in the care of English Heritage.

  • Disability History

    Disability in Time and Place reveals how disabled people's lives are integral to the heritage all around us.

  • Women's History

    Women's achievements and experience have left a deep impression on the historic environment.

Our Research Mapped