Our Planning Services

We offer a range of services to support people involved in managing change to the historic environment. In this section you'll find:

  • details of our local advice teams
  • an introduction to our advice service for government departments
  • an introduction to the work of our Greater London Archaeology Advisory Service
  • our Charter, which sets out the services we offer
  • our annual reports to government on our performance
  • our plans for improving our services

You'll find more information on these in the sections below.

  • Local Advice

    This page explains how Historic England provides expert advice on the management of historic buildings and sites within the planning process.

  • Enhanced Advisory Services

    Four services providing enhancements to Historic England's existing free planning and listing services.

  • Government Historic Estates Unit

    The Government Historic Estates Unit (GHEU) advises government departments about how to look after the historic buildings in their care.

  • Greater London Archaeology Advisory Service

    Here you can find out about the work and services of the Greater London Archaeology Advisory Service (GLAAS).

  • Charter for Advisory Services

    Our Charter for Advisory Services sets out the service we provide for those involved in changing or influencing change to the historic environment.

  • Support for Place-Making and Design

    Through place-making we shape our public spaces and buildings to improve a community’s cultural, economic, social and environmental situation.

  • Support for Property Developers

    We work with owners and developers to give historic buildings a future.

  • How We Perform

    Every year we report to government about our performance and our annual Improvement Plan for our planning services.