Caring for Heritage

If you are involved in caring for a place of worship, such as a church or a synagogue, or you want to find out how to de-clutter your street, you'll find helpful advice here. 

Taking the initiative

  • Community Advice Hub

    Information for groups and communities to find out more about your historic place and look after heritage.

  • Your Business

    What should you consider when you run a business from an older building? Find out how to look after it, and how to make changes to it.

  • Improve Your Street

    Find out how you can help to transform the streets around you.

  • Caring for Rural Heritage

    Advice and funding for the care of heritage in rural settings as well as research and techniques for managing changes to rural heritage.

  • Looking After Our Industrial Heritage

    This section provides information for those who own, manage or are developing an industrial site or want to set up a building preservation trust.

  • Places of Worship

    Find out how we can help you to look after your place of worship, from churches to mosques and synagogues to temples.

  • Cemeteries and Burial Grounds

    Guidance on the conservation of historic cemeteries and burial grounds and their monuments.

  • Assets of Community Value

    More and more community-based organisations are taking responsibility for managing historic buildings that were formerly owned by local authorities.

  • Wellbeing and Heritage Advice

    Our strategy, case studies and sources of good practice to support the relationship between heritage and wellbeing.