What is Listing?

Listing is the term given to the practice of listing buildings, scheduling monuments, registering parks, gardens and battlefields, and protecting wreck sites.

Listing allows us to highlight what is significant about a building or site, and helps to make sure that any future changes to it do not result in the loss of its significance.

  • Listed Buildings

    How and why we list buildings and what it means for the people who own them.

  • Scheduled Monuments

    Scheduling is shorthand for the process through which nationally important sites and monuments are given legal protection.

  • Registered Parks & Gardens

    Find out more about the 'Register of Parks and Gardens of special historic interest in England'.

  • Registered Battlefields

    The Historic England Register of Historic Battlefields identifies important English battlefields.

  • What Are Protected Wreck Sites?

    Find out more about protected wreck sites, why they are protected, and how to access them.

  • Local Designation

    Conservation areas and local lists play an important role in managing the historic environment at the local level.

  • Heritage Highlights: Did You Know?

    Heritage Highlights showcases some of the more unusual, intriguing and groundbreaking historic places protected through this country's designation system.